Faced with depression, personal loss or relationship issues? We are here to help.

Mental Health Counseling

Whether you are struggling with depression that impacts your family and work life, are unhappy in a relationship or reeling from a personal loss, JFS Counseling can help you regain a sense of well-being and stability. Our expert staff of licensed therapists work with children, adolescents, and adults of all ages to help resolve their personal difficulties and to put them back in charge of their lives.

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Individual Counseling

We offer non-denominational counseling using evidence-based practices to help clients alleviate their emotional distress and achieve personal growth. We offer sessions in-person or via Telehealth.

Contact: Rachel Glazer at (585) 506-3060 or email

Basic Needs Counseling

JFS counseling staff work with those who are facing life’s challenges such as unemployment and/or problems meeting their basic needs. The goal is to help the clients move from vulnerability to stability in their everyday life.

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JFLE Workshops & Support Groups

Jewish Family Life Education

Get Smart, attend a JFLE Workshop! Become informed and make good choices about life’s challenges and transitions that impact your day to day life. Workshop topics include; Parenting, Separation and Divorce, Grief and Loss, Wellness and Aging.

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Providing Assessment and Treatment for Home-bound Seniors.

Social isolation caused by chronic illness and other limitations makes home-bound seniors more vulnerable to depression than their more mobile peers.

How does PATHS work?

  • Provide counseling for home-bound older adults with depression.
  • PATHS provides up to four sessions of geriatric mental health counseling for frail home-bound elderly.
  • Paths is funded by the Monroe County Office for the Aging.


To find out more PATHS, call Leslie Friedman at (585) 461-0110 x 1050 or email

Sara Line - (585) 697-SARA

It happens everywhere. One out of every four Jewish homes is the scene of relationship abuse.

The Sara Line is a confidential hotline intended for Jewish women who have experienced some form of domestic abuse including emotional, physical, financial, sexual or verbal attacks. Women who call the SARA line are provided with information, support and resources to help them address their concerns about safety and their family's future.

Call (585) 697-7272 or (585) 697-SARA