Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

Jewish Family Service NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) programs are an innovative model for aging in place in your own apartment. NORC’s offer seniors an affordable housing option with on-site social services provided by a JFS community social worker. The social worker partners with senior residents and the community to coordinate a broad range of social, recreational and health care services that make the NORC community a good place in which to grow old.

NORC seniors continue to grow and learn, maintain their independence and enhance their quality of life by making new friends and actively participating in their community. The overarching goal of a NORC program is to maximize the health of its community.


JFS NORC programs are offered at Home Base at Ellison Park Apartments

JFS partners with the residents and the property manager to make the apartment community the all-ages apartment community of choice for those 60 and over. Services of the on-site social worker are free of charge to eligible residents.

A JFS social worker is located on-site at Ellison Park and is available for one-on-one consultation and support for residents age 60 and older. A NORC Resident Advisory Council comprised of senior residents and the social worker ensures that the needs of the community are being addressed by helping to determine programming and activities.

Programs and Services

Your NORC social worker will connect you to an array of programs and services to meet your individual needs, including:

-  Educational Programs

-  Social Events and Outings

-  Jewish Community Offerings, or Faith Community of Your Choice

-  One-on-One Consultation to Assist with, or Refer to:

  • Transportation
  • In-home assistance with laundry & housekeeping
  • In-home personal care and/or skilled nursing
  • Emergency response systems
  • Counseling
  • Public benefits
  • Help navigating health and/or insurance systems


For more information. Contact the Ellison Park Apartment NORC Office at (585) 288-3442.


The Ellison Park NORC Office is located at 31-B Bobrich Drive, Rochester, NY 14610

Generous Supporters

The NORC at Ellison Park Apartments is made possible with funding from the New York State Office of Aging and is a partnership of Jewish Family Service of Rochester and Eastwood Management.

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