We are always working for you!

All phone numbers are (585) 461-0110, followed by the extension below (unless otherwise stated).

Leadership Team

Jennie I. Schaff, President/CEO
Ext. 1120
Betsy Bringewatt, PhD, Chief Program Officer of Child & Family Services
Ext. 2500
Barbara A. Connor, Chief Administrative Officer
Ext. 1280
Kristen Lang, Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 1130
Dee Schwartz, Chief Program Officer of Aging Services
Ext. 1140

Agency Staff (alphabetical order)

Kato Bartlett, UW Case Manager
Ext. 1160
Megan Black, M.S. MHC - School Counselor
ext 1200
Dominique Boutte, Administrative Coordinator
Ext. 1010
Talya Brea, LCSW, NORC Program Coordinator
(585) 288-3442
Sasha DiMaria - Resource Manager & Special Needs Navigator
ext. 1100 or 585-431-0232
Leslie Friedman, LCSW-R, Clinical Social Worker
Ext. 1050
Rachel Glazer, LMSW, Licensed Social Worker
Linda Haddad, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 1080
Mandy Hartman, Director of Housing & Literacy Services
Tausha Hill, MHC - LP Mental Health Counselor
585 857-9330
Julie Kashtan, Brighton Your Wardrobe Manager
(585) 270-4311
Esti Kilimnick, LMSW, Case Manager
(585) 271-5355
Cathy Little, Baby Safe Sleep Coordinator
Ext. 2490
Danielle Mckenzie-Ouankpo EISEP Case Manager
Shawna Peterson LMSW - Nurture Coordinator
Amy Rau, Pencils & Paper, Program Director
(585) 736-4610
Sharon M. Shafrir, Accessibility & Inclusion Director
Ext. 1110
Lauren Tatanus, LMSW, Community Case Manager
Ext. 1230